I'm sure you've heard the saying "Dance like no one is watching..." but I feel like society has changed so much, we put so much pressure on ourselves to always look our best, be our best and only post our best... that so much of what we see isn't real, it's planned, posed and fake.... So I came up with a new saying " Dance like everyone is watching..." Cause it seems then people strut their best moves, let their hair down and become professional dancers over night!

I'm not promoting living a life that isn't real but I've come to learn that sometimes one has to fake it till you make it. Basically do what works for you, but most importantly DANCE, DRESS UP, LIVE, MOVE, EXPLORE, CREATE!!! If doing it for a crowd gets you to feel alive then do it! If doing it for yourself, heals you from within and feels amazing then you should certainly go that route for as long as that remains your truth. 

In this life we will often choose different paths to others... but don't stop someone from dancing cause their favourite genre to groove to is not yours!