Ever feel like you just tired, not necessarily physically, but emotionally and mentally? It’s been a long year and along the way so much has happened, we experience extreme highs and extreme lows and somehow just bounce back to our default settings.

With that said I personally decided to take a time out for me and for my brand MiLiJo. It’s so easy to lose your way, to start or continue doing things that no longer excite you, that don’t represent you. Sometimes the answer is simply to take a TIME OUT! Come back when you ready with a new passion, fresh eyes and happy heart.

You shouldn’t feel guilty for doing this! Each ones journey is different, perhaps your partners journey is to push through anything and everything now because their reward for all their effort is around the corner, but perhaps if you push on only a breakdown awaits. You need to listen to YOUR body, you need to listen to YOUR mind.

I hear this so often but only of late have I come to know the meaning of this saying… “Be true to yourself!” I beg of you, please be true to yourself!

Say goodbye to the old and start planning, prepping and praying for the new.

Walk away smiling, knowing you coming back with a bang!

Now listen to me… “Take all the time you need. Let nobody rush you! When you are ready start planting those seeds, water them daily and watch yourself grow.”